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Saturday, October 29, 2005 

2005 Mike Moore Award

This season's award voting is officially closed. I know some of you were waiting for the last minute, but that may have conflicted with next year's voting and we don't have the intern power here at the league office to handle that kind of work. So, for those that did vote, gold stars. For those that didn't, thanks for making our job easier.

On to the first award. The Moore winner this year was almost an afterthought during the heated 2B bidding at the draft. Not surprising considering he was known more for being "scrappy" than being, well, "good." Sure, he faded a bit in the second half, but Brian Roberts sure showed Jerry Hairston Jr. who his real daddy is, didn't he?

The results:
Brain Roberts 9
Jason Giambi 5
Felipe Lopez 4
Jorge Cantu 3 (Ed. note: where's the love?)
Jose Contreras 2
Justin Duscherer 2
Kevin Millwood 2
Jhonny Peralta 2
Andy Pettitte 1

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