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Tuesday, February 15, 2005 

the Dead Zone

what's up, dudes. i'm sure everyone else is enjoying the sports "Dead Zone" as much as i am right now. i just realized yesterday i should start following college basketball so i know what the hell is going on when we finally get to March Madness. apparently Illinois is really good, or something. at least i have prospect research to get me by till then. Capuchin GM Sid Bream and I are very anxious to use those draft picks to begin the rebuilding process, and Cleveland Steamers manager Chico Lind is excited to be getting an infusion of new talent to his squad. he's getting really tired of having to eat lunch with Jeff Heaverlo and Freddie Bynum every day.

hey, i was wondering - who can make the best team of guys they've prematurely cut from their roster? mine has to be the best. i'd have Raul Ibanez at first, five-tool stud Aaron Rowand in the outfield, perennial LOC MVP candidate Melvin Mora at third, David Bell to back him up, and of course i'd have TWO closers (as opposed to zero) in B.J. Ryan and Justin Speier. good times. but i guess for every Melvin Mora there's a Mitch Meluskey too.