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Friday, December 03, 2004 

Shame on MLB

I must say MLB should be totally ashamed of themselves. Barry Bonds today (and Jason Giambi yesterday) is the biggest news in all of sports, and some pretty big news outside of sports as well. So why does mlb.com have RJ talks with Yankees (news 2 days old now) as the headline?? Not only that, but the site has 4 headlines that rotate, and the steroid issue is not one of them.

If its their job to report whats going on in baseball, and pardon me for believing this to be true, Barry Bonds should be all over the site today. But MLB hides the story on its site to try to not hurt the image of the game (i would presume). This is pathetic on their part and frankly i now find MLB pretty unreliable in terms of reporting ALL news.

You find them pretty unreliable now? Not to sound too left-wing cynical, but MLB is a corporation, or rather, a collection of corporations and corporations lie. It's not that they are simply failing to do their job, it's that they are intentionally withholding the truth and promoting the false.

The late Doug Pappas wrote a groundbreaking column for Baseball Prospectus that pulled back the curtain on the Wizard of BS and exposed their lies during the last labor negotiations that they were "losing" money. Here's a good summary of his findings.

And don't for a moment think it's just baseball. The hockey owners are pulling the same crap right now about losing less money by having a lockout. The NFL is run like an old school dictatorship. And one of the big points lost during the Artest brawl was David Stern's seeming lack of concern for his players. New security measures at arenas were an afterthought at his press conference. First and foremost, though, was the fact that he had to put on a good show for the TV cameras and appease his rich courtside season ticket holders.

I agree with Justin, but it's hardly surprising. The bigger picture problem is how our brilliant fellow citizens essentially signed off on this type of behavior early last month. Lying is the new honesty.

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