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Friday, December 03, 2004 

Roid Rage, Part One

My fellow Americans, what have we learned recently? Well, first, that putting those deviant ho-mo-sexshuls in their place takes presidence over addressing little things like wars, deficits, healthcare, the environment, education, censorship, yada, yada, yada. But, that's pretty obvious, eh?

Now, though, we are seeing that knocking professional athletes off their pedestal (that, uh, we put them on in the first place) is far more important than the leaking of confidential grand jury testimony. A major componant of our legal system has been severely compromised and the bigger story is how the Yankees can get out of Giambi's contract (and if he's suspended, how ToC can as well). Now, in order for a newspaper to break a story and get their name mentioned on ESPN a thousand times, the case against those scumbag BALCO drug dealers may get thrown out.

As I hope you know, I'm all for full access to the truth, but in a case like this, there is a process that should be followed. The truth would have come out and, more importantly, the full, accurate truth. Steroid use in sports is certainly major news, but the story deserves to be digested in context, not fed to us in convenient bites. Freedom of the press wasn't intended to mean that we are free to sell papers by any means possible. It was supposed to protect the people of this country from being deceived and from our voice from being suppressed.

ESPNews began their story on the Bonds "revelation" by insinuating that he in fact admitted to taking steroids. Why not, that's what we all want to hear, right? Of course, they had to add that what Bonds admitted to was that he may have unknowingly taken something that his trusted friend Greg Anderson gave him. Either way, it got me watching, so who cares?