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Monday, December 13, 2004 


For fans of sports video games, here's an article that's really bad news...EA has secured the exclusive rights to the NFL and NFLPA meaning no other game can use real players or teams...for a hardcore player like me, that is just awful awful awful news...this is a CLASSIC case of the big guy beating the small guys making it worse for us, the average joe (or paul)...here's the article. http://sports.ign.com/articles/572/572886p1.html

by the way, the article states how they're trying to do similar deals with the nba and mlb...

Dude, I just deleted an identical post. I should have known you'd be on the scene with the video game scoop.

Yeah, once again it's the fans who are the real winners here: no more annoying choices. Thank you, Mr. Tagliabue. I'll run out right away and buy a Michael Vick home AND away jersey.

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