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Monday, November 22, 2004 

A little rap...

i check the blog all the time too...maybe a good idea would be when dan makes and announcement, he can send an email to "check the blog" rather than writing the entire thing in the email...

to keep Eddie (Money) Wilders interested in the blog, here are Nas' lyrics about Kobe...discuss in rap form...


Master used to breed us to be bigger, to go play
Athletes of today in the NBA
Make me proud. But there’s somethin’ they don’t say
Keep getting’ accused for abusin’ white pus-say
From O.J. to Kobe, well lets call him Toby
First he played his life cool, just like Michael
Now he rock ice too just like I do
Yo, you can’t do better than that?
The hotel clerk who adjust the bathroom mat?
Now you lose sponsorships that you thought had your back.
Yeah you beat the rap, jigga boo fake n***a you
You turn around then you s*** on Shaq
Who woulda knew, Mr. Goody-two-shoes
He love a little butt crack, got enough cash
Little kids with they bus pass, who look up to you
To do somethin’ for the youth. Stupid spoof.
But you let them use you as an example
They would rep, but our heroes got their hands full.

I'm really white, can somebody translate that for me...

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