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Wednesday, November 17, 2004 

Lasting impressions

It didn't take long for the blog to crap the bed. I for 1 check it everyday and think of cool and funny things to say, but I am not as funny or as cool. Thus I don't write anything funny. Or cool.

So I will pose a question: Where does the goverenment expect to find all the money for the No Child Left Behind program and why is it that many cities across the country are under funded already when it comes to this program?

Where will they find the money? Who cares. Congress just agreed to raise our defecit limit to what will be $8.18 trillion. Seriously, that's a real number.

As for those areas already underfunded, I hate to be redundant, but who cares. Bush already got re-elected. He doesn't have to pretend to care anymore.

Yes, it really is that simple.

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