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Tuesday, November 23, 2004 

Back to Baseball

I apologize to The Ed and Paulie Rawpalms for not being there for them recently. So, here's a little tidbit I came across about Clyde Sukeforth. Yes, that Clyde Sukeforth.

Okay, so you don't know who he is. Just about no one does. However, get a load of this (courtesy of the HoF's Inside Pitch):

Clyde Sukeforth, whose playing career was fairly non-descript, was involved in four pivotal intersections in baseball history: He was the man who scouted Jackie Robinson; was the bullpen coach for the Dodgers in 1951, who recommended that Ralph Branca pitch to Bobby Thomson; was one of the managers in Norman Rockwell's famous "Three Umpires" painting; and was instrumental in Roberto Clemente becoming a Pirate, 50 years ago today.