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Tuesday, November 23, 2004 

Artesting My Patience

Two things our friends in the media didn't and don't feel is necessary to tell us sheep:

1. No one got hurt in the worst riot of all time.

2. Ron Artest has not recorded an album of his own, but is producing an album by a female group named Allure. (Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but from the jump this has been the impression I received.)

This isn't an opinion piece about the incident. I just wanted to point out how our news is molded for us. By the time the facts reach us, they've been handled more than the Culkin brothers at Neverland.

the artest story is a good example of all things media...another thing i noticed about it is, that every columnist wants to try to bring a different angle on it so they all basically say "here's what the media has been telling you, but here's the real story"....

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