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Monday, October 04, 2004 

Mike Moore Award

It can't be a coincidence that the most improved team in the league made so many shrewd moves throughout the season. Amsterdan's Joe Nathan takes this year's prize as the team lands 3 of the top 4 vote-getters. The results:

Joe Nathan, Amsterdan: 10 points (3 first place votes)

Travis Hafner, Amsterdan: 7 (1)

Juan Uribe, Amsterdan: 6 (2)

Carlos Guillen, Alexandria: 6 (2)

No one else received a first place vote. There were 10 other players who received individual votes, as this category continues to be interpreted freely.

First of all, conratulations are in order to Dansucks who did do a great job of managing his team this season.

But i wanted to comment on a solution to the problem of teams interpreting the award differently. Since it seems not too many people know exactly what this award is, or (in my case) who is eligible 6 months after the draft has completed, someone should make a list (or a ballot) of all eligible players. This at least takes out the hour of research that is needed to look through everyones roster and figure out if they are new or not!! Same with ROTY... I had no idea who was eligible as a rookie by our standards and i didnt have the time to look through everyones roster and contracts and play Inspector Gadget trying to figure it out. Just a thought.

I have to say that I just voted today and it was hard not being able to vote for anyone on my team. I think we should definitely have a list of players that you can vote for next year as trying to remember 6 months later is next to impossible.

Sorry for being a little behind on the voting, Franks emails have been getting filtered out as junk email for some reason.

Smart filter.

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