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Thursday, October 07, 2004 

Mark Davis Award

After losing closer Jason Isringhausen after their first LOC Championship, the Cactus Franks opted for a bullpen by committee approach last season. Fortunately for them, their offense made up for whatever bullpen instability resulted. Before this season's trade deadline, ToC GM Bob Mastermind felt his team once again needed that game anchor and swung a deal for 2004's best fireman, Mariano Rivera. The deal was controversial (for a variety of issues, including the Franks taking on $17 million), but that doesn't take anything away from Rivera's amazing year. The results:

Mariano Rivera, ToC: 20 (6)

Armando Benitez, Amsterdan: 13 (1)

Joe Nathan, Amsterdan: 11 (2)

Francisco Rodriguez, Minnesota: 7 (1)

Others receiving votes: Francisco Cordero 5, Keith Foulke 3, Tom Gordon 1.