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Monday, October 18, 2004 

Kevin Mitchell Award

Sometimes players live up to the hype. When the news came down that Vlad Guerrero was going to be LOC-eligible, owners across the league salivated at the thought of adding this genuine stud in his prime to their lineup. The Bees did (Paul has a thing for studs) and they certainly got their money's worth. Now, they can spend the winter trying to figure out how they didn't make the playoffs with Vlad, Sheff, and A-Rod. The results:

Vlad Guerrero, St. Paul: 21 (4)

Manny Ramirez, Amsterdan: 19 (4)

Carlos Beltran, ToC: 6 (2)

Gary Sheffield, St. Paul: 6

Others receiving votes: Ichiro 3, Melvin Mora 2, Alex Rodriguez 2, Miguel Tejada 1

Notes: Beltran's 2 first place votes were the only votes he received. I know I'm not exactly objective, but I think some people lost track of his stats when he switched leagues. Anyway, wait until you see the Rickey results.