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Sunday, October 31, 2004 

Jumpin' Jim Brunzell for President

With all the focus on the big dogs, let's not overlook the race for Hillsborough County Commissioner here in Tampa. While you can't vote, I'm sure you are all on the edge of your seats wondering if B. Brian Blair, former rasslin' Killer B, will win.

Remember how the Bees were so over despite the fact that they cheated every match? Forget about the issues, how can we ever trust this guy?

Hey, wasn't he supposed to be my third base coach? That explains the multiple times the Bees ran into a "tag-tag-tag" triple play at home plate similar to what happened in the yanks-sox game 3 this year and the 1985 regular season game when pags and meachem (i think) were both tagged out by carlton fisk at the plate.

Is Koko B. Ware his running mate? I hear Frankie needs a new home to poop on.

Paul, how could you forget the immortal Dale Berra, who along with Meacham formed the left-side of the Yankees infield. Yes, the New York Yankees. Further proof that we have suffered as well. (Speaking of 3B coaches, Berra and Meacham were my co-3B coaches in 2000 before being replaced by the legend, Rusty Kuntz. No wonder I finished last that year.)

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