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Tuesday, October 05, 2004 

Chris Sabo Award

If there is any consolation to a disappointing season, it's having found some building blocks for the future. This year's top rookie, SS Bobby Crosby, should give Kissimmike a solid foundation as they try to claw their way to the playoffs. The best part for the Wilders? He's not alone. The results:

Bobby Crosby, Kissimmike: 10 (2)

Shingo Takatsu, Carolina: 8 (1)

Lew Ford, Kissimmike: 4 (1)

Justin Morneau, Minnesota: 3 (1)

Others receiving votes: Jayson Werth, Zach Greinke, Kevin Youkilis, and John Buck (For the record, Rich Harden was not a rookie this year). I was surprised Morneau did not receive more support.

How can Morneau be considered an LOC rookie when he doesnt even have a contract?? He did nothing to help his team out, except for maybe 2 games (out of 13). Are we voting for players in the LOC or just the American League in general, regardless fo what they did in the league. These awards have my head spinning!!

I agree. I definitely think you have to take into account what a player actually does in the LOC. Why else did I spend all that time looking at TQ to see who was actually active and for how long?

Do I need to bring out the hose? Relax. All I said was that I was surprised he didn't get more votes...considering his numbers. The fact that you took actual LOC play into consideration makes me all warm and fuzzy.

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