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Saturday, September 11, 2004 

Tallahassee Hurricane

Living in Miami for the last 2 years and being a Hurricane fan my entire life, I have grown to truly appreciate the great FSU-UM rivalry. It seems every year they are both very evenly matched and the team that hold the ball last will win the game. My experiences watching these games have been quite odd. While there is alot of enthusiasm for the college games in the northeast, passion is lacked. In Miami, there is a passion and an arrogance that no one, absolutely no one will beat the Canes... ever. It is a cocky, but still passionate, fanbase.
But last night was the ultimate experience in this long lived rivaly. I have heard all the rumors about how Noles fans get so bothered by UM, but in the back of my mind I was pretty sure that these fans were just as cocky and confident as all UM fans. After watching 3 quarters of FSU dominated football, all the Noles fans in the room were biting their nails, waiting for the inevitable, until it finally happened. I cannot imagine how terrible it must be for a team when they KNOW they will lose, no matter what. That is the mentality in Tallahassee. I honestly feel bad for these fans. Doubts always in the back of thier mind, they must all be the most insecure group of people out there (Red Sox fans are in this boat too I suppose). Cocky people annoy me, but i would take that any day over fans who wait for the ceiling to collapse ontop of them. Needless to say, i was not the most popular person in Tallahasee yesterday, nor do i expect to be anytime soon. But one thing i can be sure of, I am definitley more popular than Chris Rix will ever be in this town!! God bless that child, and may God have pity on ANY team that gets in "THE U's" way!!!! GO CANES!!!!!

Even Jeb announced that he's a Canes fan. Good thing or else he would have passed some quickie law allowing random acts of cruelty to Chris Rix. It's only a matter of time before the Drew Weatherford Era begins (man, I've been down south too long.)

If you leave it up to the fans here, Chirs Rix has started his last game as a Seminole. They are eager to throw away the season and see what the Freshman can do.

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