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Monday, September 20, 2004 

I Love This Game!

What a weekend.

I have to admit I was pretty upset when Mariano collapsed on Friday night. As of Saturday morning, the Franks and Stox were deadlocked at 12 with ToC clinging to a .001 lead in season BA. The check totals were close, but with only two days left, it would take something big to go down to shake things up. I didn't realize how unprepared I was for the end. Then...Sunday Bloody Sunday in Alexandria. Pedro Martinez, the greatest hurler in LOC history, got bitchified for 8 ER. It blew the match-up wide open and clinched a LOC Series spot for the defending champs.

It also didn't help my nerves that Nomar was on the bench for the last week and a half. Michael Young was forced to play both middle infield spots and I have to say he was up for the challenge. I was wondering, though, if there was any connection to Nomar (Freakin Nomar) hurting his groin and Mia coming back from three weeks at the Olympics.

I would like to tip my cap to my archrivals. Quite a fight indeed.

Did Nomar officially change his name yet? I think Nomar Hamm has a nice ring to it.

Yes. It was certinaly a heckuva game. At first, I saw no chance of the Stox pulling it out. Then, like my beloved Red Sox, they teased me enough to make me believe they were actually going to do the improbable. In the end, of course, Pedro would blow up against the Yankees so that both my teams would get f----d simultaneously.

Congrats to the Franks. Give the Nasties in the North hell.


The Tang is very proud to be representing the North in this years finals. Hopefully we will be able to unseat the reigning champs and bring a title to Amsterdan.

Good luck to the ToC.

-Dan W

Indeed, it is a great game. I do wonder, on a psychological level, if there is something about fans that perenially puts them in this position of "so close, yet so far." If so, maybe it spills over into fantasy managing. Of course, the more likely explanation, rationally, is that there is a point here about material conditions (the skill of the players, the aptitude of the front office [real or fantasy}), but the psychological explanation does have its merits. I, at least, have to confess that the experience of waking up saturday to see it so close was probably greater than the satisfaction I would have had if the Stox were somehow favorites and won easily. It is another matter to say that that is somehow "why" things turn out as they do, but, I can see such an explanation.

Meantime, the Stox try to surmount the surprisingly successful 500 with a team that seems to lose a player a day for the rest of the season (most recently, Sweeney, Guillen, and Kennedy). Ah well...

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