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Wednesday, September 29, 2004 

Fight the Power

I've been under the weather (I really don't know what that means) and I didn't have time to get this up sooner. Better late than never.

September 25-October 2 is Banned Book Week. Check out more info at ACLU or ALA.

You might not realize this is such a major issue anymore, but censorship is thriving in the land of the free. And it's not just coming from the Far Right. Everyone seems to have an agenda these days and they typically all revolve around depriving others of their rights. Hopefully, some of the banned books (or as they are politely called these days, challenged or reconsidered books) will comes as big surprise and open your eyes. Regardless, for everyone other than Paul, read something that's not good for you. It'll be good for you.

I was complaining the other day about how this country is just a mess. Our priorities are completely messed up. the way we think is just off and veering further and further into idiocy. For example, the story that Cynthia Nixon is having a relationship with another woman was on the FRONT PAGE of two major new york papers last week. plus, they were giving it major play on 1010wins radio. believe me, nobody cares more about this stuff than me but it's just absurd what direction our culture has taken.

I honestly don't even know who Cynthia Nixon is. I am fairly well plugged-in to "popular culture"--at least by comparison to many people I know--but I can't help but notice that there are "two americas" in more ways than just the socio-economic one that John Edwards like to talk about (and talk about and talk about). How could that have been on the front page? Geez. Well, at least no one has to worry about the sorry state of the world, and the deteriorating quality of life in many of the "global hotspots" or anything.

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