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Monday, August 16, 2004 

What's in a name?

Every since I was a little kid, I hated my name. I tried all variations of it (although there aren't many ways to spelling Ed), and all I could come up with is Eddie. And I hate Eddie. My wife calls me Edward, and if there is a name I hate more than Eddie it's Edward. More than that, I hate Ed. To go even further, I hate Wilders. There are too many sylables, and it's too close to Gene Wilder or or Little House on the Prarrie. I'm basically up a creek without a paddle.

So now I move onto college, and I pledge a fraternity. Finally I'm thinking I'm gonna walk out with a cool nickname that may stick, hopefully leaving Eddie behind forever. But, they come up with Dizzy, and that's what I'm stuck with. On top of that, no one uses it.

Now the jealousy starts. Klong became Klong basically by accident. Trudeau (even though it's his last name) still sounds like a nickname. And all the time I'm still Eddie.

Frank starts the blog and every one uses a nickname or something else, and I'm here with Eddie. Crappy old boring Eddie. I hate Eddie.

apparently you've forgotten about "EW", which i think is a great nickname. i know it's only your initials, but just with that W in there it opens the possibility of pronouncing it "dubya", which always makes for a great nickname.

if you don't like that you can always go with the non-sensical nickname i gave to you a while back: Bucky. or maybe you prefer some of the other wacky nicknames i've dubbed some of our other chums, such as Smokey, Bobo, Applejack, and Pappy.

How about you just change your name to Handsome B. Wonderful and we just call you "Handsome".

I feel ya, bro. I, too, have been on a life long quest for a nickname. I've tried forcing the issue by trying out nicknames myself or telling other people to come up with one. A few lived a bit, but nothing lasted. And don't even get me started on frat names.

What I have come to realize is that a good nickname is like finding a girlfriend: it only happens when you're not looking. It's an organic event (if you can call falling ass-backward into something organic. Freakin' Klong.)

I like the EW, for just that very reason of the W. I guess I use it more than I know. Thank you Kris, again, you are the wind beneath my wings.

Bucky is good, but it sounds like I should be sitting in a side car while someone tears through the country side. Then they would call me little Bucky cause I'm short.

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