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Friday, August 06, 2004 

Singing a New Tune

Sometimes, ESPN comes off as a feckless graffito, tagging anything and everything. Has anyone ever given us a reason for ESPN2, particularly when you consider ESPN has to pretend poker and bass fishing are sports in order to fill air time. But, the worst example of this branding addiction is indisputably ESPN.com's Page 3. For those not in the know, the Web site already has a Page 2 that provides an entertainment/sports mix to complement its main news pages. For the most part, the online Deuce is moderately interesting and generally harmless (with the exception of Bill Simmons' aces "The Sports Guy" column , although, in Simmonsonian fashion, I think it isn't too far-fetched to say he may have jumped the shark awhile back).

Page 3, on the other hand, is, well, I'm not sure what it is. A waste of bandwidth, you say? Good one, and I wouldn't disagree. That said, today's favorite link is from...Page 3. How can that be? I don't have an answer, but one may be found in the explanatory footnotes of Whoopi Goldberg's Oscar win. Every dog has its day (or in Ms. Whoopi's case, its career).

Why the shout-out to the Thrice? A list of At-Bat Songs for every MLB team.

After a brief sampling, my early favorite is Jeff Cirillo's "Bad Boy For Life." Hit the "Comments" link below to vote for the entry of your choice.

(For the record, I think ESPN is still, by far, truly the worldwide leader. I just fear they are taking career advice from MTV. Seriously, I turned on "Sportscenter" last week and Alanis Morrisette was performing. And it wasn't even 1995.)