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Thursday, August 12, 2004 

Rock Me Like a Hurricane

Well, it looks like Tampa is about to receive its first direct hurricane hit since 1921. A Super Bowl, a Stanley Cup, and now this--my work here is done. ETA is 8PM Friday. Everything is closed tomorrow and they have issued a mandatory evacuation of Pinellas County (St. Pete, Clearwater), the most densely-populated county in the state. Sounds like a big deal.

Of course, my fear is that we are going to lose electricity. First, no AC, which is just unthinkable. Second, no anything else. Seriously, it could get ugly.

Be careful out there young man. Hopefully everything will be OK.

If it really gets to be a Category before landfall, things could be very ugly indeed. As I arrived in the U.S. last night, there were two stories on a very short cycle on CNN: the hurricane, and the terror alert status in Washington and NYC. It reminds me of a line from an old Weavers song: "What nature doesn't do to us, will surely be done by man."

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