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Monday, August 30, 2004 


Perhaps the view from here is tainted by hearing too many doomsday prognostications about malfeasance in the potentially very close outcome in the upcoming presidential election, but I have to say that I am entirely baffled by the fact that the Franks have either left on the bench or else actively benched players performing quite well (including all-stars like Chavez and Schilling) for the sake of activating players doing worse this check, or even on the DL (and whose names are much less impressive-sounding generally).

Perhaps there are thought processes beyond my comprehension at work (to be sure, I know next to nothing about anything), and I can't see what is to be gained by tanking here--no one is betting on LOC games, are they?--but could it possibly be that the Franks want the Stox out of the playoffs so badly that they would actually allow the Toilet to sneak in ahead by keeping the game closer than it might otherwise be?

Never fear oh paranoid one, the Franks lineup was just a little bit tardy, but it's updated now

Oh snap. I don't know what prognostications or malfeasance or thought process mean, but it sounds like someone got served! Not sure who, but someone definitely got served. Boobilicious.

Just a minor logistical mix-up. Not that I'd be averse to sabatoging the Stox. Those guys wrinkle my nuts.

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