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Thursday, August 12, 2004 

Free Agent Results

Glad you found the Blog. Here are the results of the exciting Orlando Cabrera bidding wars.

Toilet bids $2.00/2 on Orlando Cabrera (DL Guardado)
*Toilet bids $0.25/1 on Bobby Howry (Drop Clark)
*Toilet bids $0.25/1 on David Borkowski (Drop Sierra)
*Lobes bid $0.75/2 on Jairo Garcia (Drop Speizio)-- worse record than TOC
*Lobes bid $0.75/1 on Ruben Gotay (Drop Catalanotto)
*Lobes bid $8.00/1 on Orlando Cabrera (Drop Kielty)
*Lobes bid $0.25/1 on Robb Quinlan (Drop Embree)
Kissimike bids $0.25/2 on Ben Broussard (Drop Garcia)
Kissimike bids $1.00/2 on Orlando Cabrera (Drop Cirillo)
Kissimike promotes Kevin Youklis $0.25/3 (Demote Bill Mueller)
St. Paul bids $3.00/3 on Orlando Cabrera (Drop Balfour)
*St. Paul bids $0.50/1 on Robby Alomar (Drop Balfour)-- worse record than TOC
St. Paul bids $0.50/1 on Ruben Gotay (Drop Balfour)
*St. Paul bids $0.50/1 on Jorge Sosa (Drop Lehr)
TOC bids $0.50/1 on Robby Alomar (Drop Harris)
*TOC bids $0.25/1 on Bobby Madritsch (DL Bradford)
TOC bids $0.50/3 on Jairo Garcia (DL Giambi)
TOC bids $0.25/3 on Scott Kazmir (DL Molina)-- ineligible for bidding
*TOC bids $0.25/1 on Jamie Walker (DL Giambi)
*500 bids $1.00/2 on Ben Broussard (Rios to minors)
500 bids $1.00/2 on Orlando Cabrera (Drop Cerda)

Nice try Frank but Kazmir is not yet eligible for bidding. Lucky for Kissimike their bids failed so Jeff Cirillo is still a Wilder.

I put Balfour on the DL...i didn't release him.

and what's the deal with big mike bidding 8 million on cabrera?

I'm confused. I thought total value of the contract wins a player. Paul's total was 9 (3 mil/3 yrs) and Mike's was 8 (8 mil/1 yr). I'm I seeing things?

Paul's bid for Cabrera should read 1.0 per yr for 3 yrs. Mike had some fun with his cap room by not letting anyone else get Cabrera. I'll put Balfour back on your team Paul, I know you miss him.

OK, so I'm not totally losing my mind.

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