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Tuesday, August 17, 2004 

Fly in My Chardonnay

Aside from total devastation and possible death, my greatest Charley-related worry was loss of AC. So, what happened Saturday night? Right, our AC stopped working. Completely unrelated, but the irony came in as borderline category 5. Dont'cha think?

Postscript: It was just clogged, or something, and I'm back in the cool pretending it's not so f'n hot outside. Where would we be if we couldn't lie to ourselves?

There would be no me if I didn't lie to myself. Who else is gonna fill this ego if not for me? Well, except Paul. Love you man.

What was clogged up there? Branches? Siding?

Not "what," "who."

But, seriously, folks, I don't know. I think it was just dirt or something technical like that.

Glad to hear that you guys are ok. Damn wrath of god. My dad moved to Port Charoltte in Feb and had the direct force of the 'cane. Fortunately, he and his house survived unscathed. I assume that he was taking inventory of the martini glasses by candlelight which is why it took over two days to check in. Now if they were only frozen margarita glasses that would have been a total Alanis. You know, being as they won't have power for six weeks or longer.

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