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Monday, August 09, 2004 

The conclusion

OK, i'm a little slow, i didn't figure out the whole "reply" thing to specific messages...i see there were five replies to my ice cream wednesday post...i figured no one gave a rat's ass so i didn't post...but since you asked...

When we last left off, i had planned to get Tasty Delite...that elicited many good responses. i just don't know why the one about the cherry on top was signed anonymous. it sounds like the work of Trudeau but i'm really hoping it was Tom. Anyway, but i got a call from some chick. She's cute. her name is Camille. i'll give her a cum meal. most of the league has met her. nice girl. i think i'd have a chance with her if 1) i was attractive 2) she didn't have a boyfriend. but she asked me out to lunch so i couldn't turn that down. So i rubbed one out and headed to a diner nearby our work. we both ordered Pizza Burgers and milkshakes. awww, how cute...Shut up!!!
it was a nice lunch and she laughs at my jokes which shows she has good taste. i'll give her something good to taste.

this wednesday is her birthday. we're gonna go to this great ice cream place called Cold Stone Creamery. i've only been to that place once in my life and that was in Ybor city in Tampa in 2002. that was some great ice cream so i'm looking forward to it. And don't worry, i'll let you know how that goes too.

You actually went to The Marble Slab in Tampa (yes, "slab"). Basically, the same place.

According to my assistant, Cold Stone ice cream is delivered by God himself, and served to you by angels.

Yeah, I've been to the Creamery and I have to say that I can't understand what all the fuss is about. So, they have a cold stone and they mix up the ice cream on it with a couple of scoops. Is this supposed to be the high school kid equivalent of a Japanese chef cooking at your table? Well, it was a nice gimmick, but it didn't make the ice cream taste any better than average.

Plus, the large is called the "Gotta Have It" and that just pisses me off.

Did some one say Cream-ery??? That's right, earmuffs kids - daddy's home and he's been drinking.

[Ok, I haven't been drinking but my absence from this forum must have been felt so I was just insinuating that my arrival is akin..why do I feel the need to explain my humor??]

It's good to be home.

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