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Monday, August 23, 2004 


The potential number one pick in next year's minor league draft, Scott Kazmir, makes his major league debut tonight in Seattle. This could also be the beginning of a long, painful period for Mets fans. Either way, I'll let you know how he looks.

well, at least we have a healthy Victor Zambrano in the rotation to show for that deal...

I honestly think this might be the end of my even pretending to be a Mets fan. It used to be that you could watch the Mets be a 500 team that couldn't hit for crap, but brought up its pitchers through the system and were at least generally interesting to watch. Now the only thing you can say for them is that there games are quick--while the Yankees are consistently in the 7th inning (or even the 6th) as 10 PM approaches (and the game is in the Eastern time zone), then Mets are done losing, again, by that time.

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