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Wednesday, August 04, 2004 

The Archi Cianfrocco Files

What's in a name? Everything if it doesn't come in a Costco bulk like Rodriguez or Jones. In the grand tradition of the aforementioned Signor Cianfrocco, the almost-legendary Wiki Gonzalez, and the man, the myth, the owner of the freakin' awesomest name ever, Rusty Kuntz (or, if you prefer), I bring you future Mark Davis Award winner (and current Dunedin Blue Jay) Bubbie Buzachero. That, future parents, is how you name a kid.

From the Toronto Sun's Bob Elliott via Slam Sports:

 Bubbie Buzachero? Would the Jarry Parc announcer, who turned John Bocabella's name into 10 syllables have fun with Bubbie Buzachero?

 Up from minor-league camp, he faced six batters, walking the first two, then a single, a double, an error by first baseman John-Ford Griffin and another walk. In 35 innings last year at class-A Auburn he only allowed seven walks.

 "My first four pitches were all up in the zone," Buzachero said.

 His first trip with the Jays, he received a loud reception in the clubhouse from Orlando Hudson.

 "You a Cali kid?" Hudson asked since Buzachero's long blond locks have the just-got-out-of-bed, California surfer-dude look.

 Buzachero told Hudson he was from Livingstone, Tenn. Hudson is from Darlington, S.C.

 "He said we were southern kinfolk, and kept saying: 'What's your name again?' " Buzachero said.

 Bubbie is a nickname ("don't print my real name, I only use it when I have to"). He's had it for all of his 22 years courtesy of his older sister. He retired the Philadelphia Phillies 1-2-3 in Dunedin and yesterday didn't retire one hitter he faced.

 He was a 23rd-round draft pick from Tennessee Tech University.