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Wednesday, August 04, 2004 

The Archi Cianfrocco Files II

Are you jonesing (or, rather, Balboning) for more future Archis? Here's a list of candidates from this year's MLB draft:

Ricky Bambino, C, Anaheim
Koley Kolberg, P, Arizona
Ray Liotta, P, Chisox
Frank Viola, P, Chisox
Doodle Hicks, P, Cleveland
Deik Scram, OF, Milwaukee
Joey Metropoulos, 1B, Toronto
Woods Fines, P, Tampa Bay
Marquise Liverpool, OF, Seattle
Mumba Rivera, P, Seattle
Willie Mays, OF, Philadelphia
R.J. Swindle, P, Boston
Denver Kitch, SS, Baltimore

What, you ask, no A's? Fat catchers are "moneyball," but not phat names? The best Billy Beane could come up with is pitcher Broc Coffman (who I hear is already in talks to make a movie with Kaz Tadano).